Game Design

What is Game Design?

These are what I believe;

1) Designing a game is all about the thought that goes into building a plan that turns ideas into reality.

2) Game design is an awareness of the relationships that occur in a game’s mechanics, the player’s interaction and the player’s experience.

I use my understanding of the underlying theories so that I may focus on the most important object of designing a game— the player’s experience.

Also, -When designing games we are only limited by our imagination.

– Games don’t have to be amazing real-time 3D worlds to be fun.

– One of the most important things is to make your games fun and addictive,

just like all those flash games we play online/ iphone games.

eg ) Angry Birds

My approach to game design and development will be methodical( includes a systematic use of design tools).

1) concise documentation

2) brainstorming

3) prototyping

4) play-testing,

5) analysis

6) game balancing techniques.


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