Examples – Stress relief Games

My day is often stressful, and my brain is usually working on overdrive. Today, people have the same kind of brain-clogged days that I have. Sometimes, I need to literally relax my brain by giving it calm, soothing cool-down exercises. There are two games that combine soothing music with simple, but addictive game play. These casual games involve easy mouse movements, simple flowing graphics, and brain-calming music. They are free and browser-based, with no downloads necessary, and can be played during a quick break.

FLOW – http://interactive.usc.edu/projects/cloud/flowing/

Although the premise of the gameplay is a bug eating other bugs, it is much more soothing than it sounds. Gentle mouse movements guide your bug in the direction of its food. It’s like a slow swim underwater.

Boomshine –http://www.k2xl.com/games/boomshine/Boomshine.swf

Boomshine is the brain-calming game I play most often. The goal is to click once, in an appropriate spot, allowing bubbles to connect with other bubbles, until enough connections are made for each level.


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