• Inspiration

• Make a game about a story you’ve written.
• Mix existing ideas from other games.
• Steal ideas (but not characters) from other media: Books, Movies, Comics, …
• Market Research: surveys, focus groups,
• Take a current idea and do it better:
• Better technology – graphics, sound, AI, …
• Better story
• Different environment
• Brainstorm, throw out lots of ideas

  • Iphone app games
I found an interesting game called ‘Plasma Globe”. It is available and can be played on iphone.”Plasma globe is fascinating to watch and even more fun to play with. The visual interaction masterpiece takes full advantages of the Retina display in order to bring beautiful and crisp graphics along with addictive lighting effects and sounds”I played this game several time and looked into the use of visual effects; such as the electrical lighting bolt effect, colour scheme and also the use of sound effects.
 I found that  “OpenProcessing ” website provides lots of good examples.Two good examples1) Gravity Swarm

2) Gravity Well :

 I love typography. Inspired lots of typography examples in many advertisements and works that are available on the internet, I thought that using a variety of texts in a game will be interesting and new to people.


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