Week2- Research

Plasma Ball vs  planetary nebula NGC 6751

The Electric Universe model is simple enough that it can be taught to young children, but it first requires that cosmology is actually included in the science curriculum and then treated with a reasonable level of importance (the subject of a forthcoming article). For the more mature student, the science curriculum should include studying the behaviour of electricity in gases. Everyone is familiar with lightning. Most have seen fluorescent and neon lights. And the writhing “life-like” filaments in the novelty ‘plasma ball’ are a favorite with kids. But familiarity with lightning and neon lights does not equate with understanding. Lightning and the plasma behavior inside those glass tubes and balls are a mystery to almost everyone. Yet the environment inside those objects most closely equates to that of the rest of the universe.

>> Plasma ball and planetary nebula NGC 6751. Credit for NGC 6751, NASA and STScI/AURA.




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