Preview of the game

Dreaming is an interactive stress-relief game, designed for anyone suffering from frustration on their stressful life. The combination of the calm music and beautiful background image creates an imagery of a lovely wintry scene.

Dreaming will help people relieve their stress, relax while they are playing it and also it will take them on a journey into the world of joy, beauty, hope and peace.


Christmas theme- sound track

I remember when I was a little kid, I used to watch a movie, Home alone and I also remember, in the movie, there were alot of calm and nice piano track played in the background. So I decided to use one of the christmas music as a background sound of my game.

I chose to use “somewhere in my memory” by John Williams. This music makes the audience feel warm, even though the background of the music is “Winter”.

Adding Snow

Rob suggested that if there were “falling snow” in the background, it would be nice. So, I tried to write the code for it and Finally, I had got it!

Basically, I created two different classes Moving dots and Moving dots2 and used for loop for repeating the dots.